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Bali and of course Seminyak is renowned for their spectacular sunsets. Every single day at around 5.30pm ish you will see locals and tourists alike flock to the beach, beach clubs or roof top bars to witness the dazzling show that this island is famous for.

If you are in town – it would be criminal not to participate in this ritual. The sky literally puts on a breathtaking performance,  painting the skyline a multitude of colours : pink, yellow, orange, purple, greys, blues, it is truly an experience you must not miss.

The snobs love doing it with a cocktail in hand (of course we do) so we have put together a list of just a few of our favourite places to kick back and watch the show.


As mentioned in a previous post – this place is our local – and we head there often as its only 2 minutes from home. When the clock strikes 5, I grab my bag and head on down to Ku.  Its hard not to have a good time at  Kudeta, there plenty of people and the atmosphere is buzzing. There are loads of spots to sit and watch it all happen, upstairs downstairs, poolside, daybed, they have every vantage point covered. The staff are fantastic and the cocktails are the best.  If you want to snag  a day bed or sit on the seats the butt up to the beach (front row) best to get there early or call and make a booking,  these are probably the best seats as there is nothing to distract you except the pirate ship kites and the beach sellers waving sarongs in your face.  Kudeta is one of my favourites to watch the nightly show, and not because it’s within stumbling distance from my home, its because this is place is an institution in Seminyak and it always feels special to be there. We love Kudeta.


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Another one of my favourites is the W Retreat & Spa Seminyak . This place is always pumping, DJ’s playing, people dancing, staff full of friendly smiles and crazy fun cocktails that will send your sugar levels spiralling out of control.  They have two sunset areas – and our favourite place is to sit on the huge incredibly comfy beach beds right in front of the Ice Bar (the right hand side when you walk in) a little less people and 180 degree views  of the beach / sunset with no obstructions – sshhh dont tell too many people.

The other option is Woo Bar on the left hand side when you walk in – this fun bright and buzzing area is another great spot to take in the show, however, there is a (beautiful) temple right at the front which can obstruct the sunset views. Here the cocktails are crazy and the staff are crazier. Be sure to get a picture standing in front of the big W at the beach entrance at sunset – this is an instagram must, your friends will be jelly for ages !

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Potato Head Seminyak

Everyone that comes to town wants to experience Potato Head – since opening their doors in 2010 – this place has certainly made a name for itself as the party place in the hood. Pot Head as us locals call it – has held some massive events, Ellie Goulding, Fat Boy Slim and Snoop Dog, just to name a few. As well as their parties… it is a super cool,  very glam spot to watch a sunset or two when you are in town. This venue is so popular if you dont get in early or book a seat, day bed, etc, it can fill up fast and on occasions, hard to get into. This place is huge, the semi circular shape and its multi tiered layout ensures it has lots of viewing areas to take in the show – with poolside seats obviously being the favourite providing an awesome view out to the Indian ocean.  There is a great selection of  cocktails – get stuck in to a millionaire martini and the Kookaburra . The main bar and bistro serves up some great food and the French fine dining upstairs offers a quieter less busier spot to drink and dine and a very romantic spot to watch the sunset and all the crazy stuff that is going on below in the pool and around the whole “arena” We love Potato Head – but it can get pretty busy – the place is massive with something to suit everyone – the party goes on all day and all night – from pre dinner drinks to lots of late night dancing.

Snobs Tip: Make a day of it – get there early, bag a lounger by the big blue pool, get your suntan on and hang on in there till the sun goes down. You will love it.

potato head potato head


Some super special and snobby places out of Seminyak for you to try :


Oh my snob – this beach club is amazing. Situated right on Jimbaran Beach, everything about this place is BEAUTIFUL  Sundara is totally luxe, you will die when you walk in, especially when you catch sight of the pool which stretches on forever and ever. Its smack bang on Jimbaran beach where the water is blue and the sand is soft. Grab a cabana and order some wine from one of the best wine lists on the island and be sure to taste their cocktails – give the frozen apple martini a whirl… you wont be disappointed, what do they say …. an apple a day keeps the doctor away, well you can get your daily dose here.  The views of the sunset are, again, breathtaking. Get there in the afternoon, enjoy that pool and the beautiful beach and of course it goes with out saying, you must stay on for the sunset. Again – be sure to book, especially in high season.

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sundara and that pool



This super glam beach club and perfect sunset spot is a MUST visit whilst you are holidaying in Bali. You will be literally blown away when you walk thru the doors. This clifftop venue in the Uluwatu area it is perched 50 meters above sea level – the views are spectacular.

Its approximately a 45 minute drive from Seminyak but so very very worth it -again,  make a day out of it – visit Binging beach (more about that stunning beach in another post) and head down to El Kabron in the afternoon for a swim in their pool which literally perches  on the edge of the cliff looking out to the blue waters.  These guys have got it right ! With a spanish atmosphere you can snack on  an assortment of their delicious tapas treats and sip on cooling cocktails as you watch the sun go down. You will not want to leave …. their restaurant is also fantastic if you have room for more.

There is a special VIP sunset viewing deck – which if not too busy I’m sure the staff will gladly direct you down there – personally i prefer sitting poolside front row and taking in the incredible views that this club offers – 3 words for you snobs DONT MISS IT.

el kabron

There are loads more places to do sundowners in Seminyak and of course Bali – we will keep adding to our Snobby Sunset Spots each week to make sure you dont miss out. Stay tuned snobs.