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Kody & Ko

homewares with a heart

Kody & ko is definitely not your traditional souvenir store. This super cool and very bright space stands out from the crowd in more ways than one. Its white walls and shelves provide the perfect environment for all the lively coloured, unique, fun objects that are displayed on the shelves. Everything just pops out at you, meaning you’re sure to find yourself browsing for ages as the items are like candy for the eyes… You just cant get enough.

kody and ko

French bulldogs, Pineapples, Deer Heads, Teddy Bears, Colourful Cushion Covers and Designer Dog Beds, Beach Towels, and the brightest of bright Pop Art all jostle for your attention as soon as you walk through the doors, Kody & Ko has a collection of utterly unique and super fabulous pieces that you won’t find anywhere else in town and will look perfect on your shelves back at home.

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Named after the creator’s two beloved dogs Kody and Ko, the store is a haven of quirky, kitschy, funky pop art in the style of the grand master himself Andy Warhol. Located in the heart of Seminyak, just down from Motel Mexicola and 50m from Grocer and Grind café, Kody & Ko is the perfect place to browse for homewares with a heart while doing your shopping rounds in town.

Snobs Tip : Be sure to get a pic of yourself out the front against the big red wall and instagram it – Kody & Ko have monthly competition that can see you wining cool stuff from their store and gift vouchers.

kody & ko
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